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City of Helsinki prepares for energy situation

During the winter season 2022–2023, various disruptions to the price and availability of electricity are anticipated. This will have some impacts on the City of Helsinki’s activities and services. Selected measures to prepare for energy shortages have significant dependencies beyond division boundaries. Taking these dependencies into account as a whole is essential to ensure services for city residents.

The City Manager has set up a city-level coordination group to prepare for the situation.

The task of the coordination group is to support the leadership and decision-making of the city in maintaining a city-wide situational picture. It will carry out impact assessments of various measures to manage disruptions in energy prices and supply, prepare guidelines for joint city-wide energy measures in autumn 2022 and support the divisions, the City Executive Office and municipal enterprises in the implementation of the measures.

The group will also strengthen the joint management of economic impacts and promote uniform communication on the overall picture of the city’s preparedness for energy shortages.

The work of the coordination group will be preparatory and the necessary decisions of the competent authority will be made separately. The group may consult any experts or preparatory bodies it deems useful and appoint sub-groups. If necessary, participants from outside the city organisation may be invited to the meetings.

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