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Summary and indicators

We have compiled the summary, indicators, recommendations and strategic management of the 2023 Voluntary Local Review on these pages.


Helsinki’s success rate in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals varies: some goals have already been achieved, while others, particularly those related to ecological sustainability, require more intense efforts. Here, you can read a summary of the situation with each goal in Helsinki.

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Here, we have compiled the more than 60 sustainable development indicators with which we monitor the achievement of goals in Helsinki. The indicators are presented with sources and the latest development trends.

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Strategic sustainability management

Helsinki has been working hard to make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals part of its City Strategy and daily operations. Here, you can read about how the promotion of sustainable development has been bound to the operations of the City Group.

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Based on the Voluntary Local Review, the City’s experts have brought up observations and measures through which Sustainable Development Goals could be achieved in Helsinki. For example, improvements must be made in the work to coordinate conflicting goals, and carbon neutrality measures must be increased.

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