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City strategy implementation monitored in cross-administrative programme groups

The City Board has made an implementing decision to start key city-wide strategic programmes and packages of measures. Consistent implementation planning also ensures transparent monitoring of the strategy for residents and city staff. During the current council term, the city strategy is monitored in four cross-administrative programme groups:

  1. responsible and sustainable economy: ensuring the planning and implementation of concrete reforms that will bring more efficiency, productivity, financial room for manoeuvre and resources to the city.
  2. ambitious climate responsibility: ensuring that sufficient, ambitious and focussed measures in line with the strategy will be implemented in order to achieve the climate goals.
  3. comfortable city: ensuring the attractiveness, functional daily life and safety of the urban space and city districts in line with the strategy.
  4. preventing segregation: ensuring adequate city-wide measures to reduce inequalities between city residents and prevent social exclusion. Supporting equality, relationships between various population groups and involvement.

The programme groups are chaired by Mayor Juhana Vartiainen. The groups decide on the packages of measures to be implemented and monitored. Progress is monitored by the City Executive Group and reported to the City Board annually.

A Place of Growth – Helsinki City Strategy 2021–2025 has been the starting point for preparing the budgets and action plans. The implementation of the strategy will be assessed as part of the annual monitoring of the finances and activities.

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City Strategy 2021–2025 – A Place of Growth

Picture: Jussi Hellstén