Siirry suoraan sisältöön

Congratulations Culture Kids – you get to spend unhurried moments with art and family

Launched in 2020, the Culture Kids service offers a wide range of cultural experiences for babies and their families in Helsinki now that the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. Almost 9,500 Culture Kids have already been registered. The aim of the service is to reach out to families with children in Helsinki and increase their well-being by means of art and culture.

Every child born in 2020 or after and living in Helsinki is welcome to become a Culture Kid. Each year, Culture Kids sponsors invite the families to at least two free-of-charge cultural events until the child starts school.

Despite the pandemic, the Culture Kids activities have been successful in engaging families with children in Helsinki. By 8 September, almost 9 500 children born in 2020 or after and living in Helsinki have been registered as Culture Kids, and 32 cultural operators are producing cultural experiences for them.

The City of Helsinki and the involved art and cultural operators want to support the well-being of families with children by means of art and culture and to create a sense of togetherness with the diversifying city by offering happy shared experiences to families with children.

The Culture Kids sponsors of children born this year will be Dance House Helsinki, Cirko – Center for New Circus and Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, which operate in the Cable Factory and Suvilahti cultural centres, as well as the Cable Factory museums, which include the Theatre Museum, the Finnish Museum of Photography and the Hotel and Restaurant Museum.

The following theatres will continue as the Culture Kids sponsors of children born in 2021: Helsinki City Theatre, Puppet Theatre Sampo, Finnish National Theatre, Svenska Teatern, Theatre ILMI Ö. and Q-teatteri.

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra is the Cultural Kids sponsor of children born in 2020. The autumn concerts of Teddy Buttons will take place in September−December.

Babies and toddlers born in or after 2020 who live in Helsinki can be registered as Culture Kids and easily enrolled for cultural events at Come and enjoy cultural experiences!

The Culture Kids service is administered by the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division and supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.