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Financial and debt counselling for young people

Hey you, young adult under 30 and living in Helsinki, has the COVID-19 epidemic affected your financial situation? Do you feel like you don’t have enough money to live on or have you gotten into too much debt?

Financial and debt counsellors help in solving financial challenges of people living in Helsinki. You can contact us by phone or e-mail.

We are here for you especially if your financial situation has suddenly deteriorated or changed due to changes caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. We advise you in financial matters and, if necessary, assist you in debt settlement and preparing various applications.

”Financial problems can be very different – minor or major. Seek help in dealing with financial matters”, encourages Financial and Debt Counsellor Tommi Virtanen.

We are here for you, so contact us before you are in too deep and we’ll think of a solutions together. You can come and meet us in person or make use of our remote services.

Contact us:

Tommi Virtanen
Financial and Debt Counsellor

09 310 37807

Jenni Lindfors-Hussi
Financial and Debt Counsellor
09 310 37806

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