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Helmet libraries give a book present to all first graders in the metropolitan area

Helmet libraries and publishers give a book present to all those beginning first grade in the metropolitan area in the 2021-2022 school year. The first-grader campaign wishes to encourage small readers to grab a book and create pleasant reading memories also together with their family and friends.

The language and illustration of the gift books are suitable for both children beginning to learn to read and adults reading aloud. The campaign begins in Helmet libraries on September 13.

This year’s Finnish-language book gift is Otusten joukossa, written by Aino Järvinen, illustrated by Laura Merz, and published by Etana Editions. The book presents many kinds of animals, ranging from backyard buzzers to ocean giants, each of which constitutes an important part of the globe’s ecosystem. The fun and expressive pictures bring out the animals’ unique characteristics, and the facts in the text will make you want to learn more.

Books for Swedish- and Russian-speaking children

Helmet library will also donate Swedish- and Russian-speaking children beginning their school attendance books in their own languages. The Swedish-language book is Ellen Strömberg’s and Elin Löf’s Maggan året runt, published by Schildts & Söderströms. The Russian-language book is V. Dragunskij’s Skolnye-prikolnye istorii, published by Ast.

Who will get the book gift?

Employees of Helsinki and Kauniainen libraries will deliver the books to the students through the students’ schools. In Espoo and Vantaa, you get an invitation card to your local library or mobile library at your school, and then you can go and fetch your book gift, either by yourself or in connection with a class visit.

First-graders may also be given the homework of acquiring a library card and fetching the book gift. In this case, the first-graders can visit the library with their family.

Audio book for those with print disabilities

Celia’s books are available to everybody with difficulties in reading ordinary books due to dyslexia, disease, injury, or a corresponding reason. Celia will provide audio books of the Finnish- and Swedish-language campaign books.

In order to get the books, children must have Celia’s online service identifiers. Ask the school or the library about the identifiers.

Photo: City of Helsinki — Daniel Leiviskä