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Helsinki prepares for effects of war in Ukraine

The City of Helsinki strongly condemns the war instigated by Russia in Ukraine. The hostilities have caused an enormous amount of human suffering and violated the territorial integrity of a sovereign European country. The City of Helsinki will step up its readiness in response to the war in Ukraine, including measures to prepare for the reception of Ukrainians fleeing the war, an increase in general preparedness, and the arrangement of humanitarian aid to be directed to the country of Ukraine and its residents.

Helsinki Mayor Juhana Vartiainen has today set up a separate Ukraine crisis group, in accordance with the city’s crisis management model. The group will direct and coordinate responses to the situation.

“Helsinki is responding to this crisis proactively and is beginning preparations for the reception of Ukrainians who are fleeing the war. In addition to this, we aim to support Ukraine with direct humanitarian aid, in line with our country’s foreign policy guidelines”, Vartiainen said.

Cooperation with Moscow and Saint Petersburg suspended

The City of Helsinki will suspend cooperation with the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg for the time being. Under the current circumstances, there is no premise for cooperation with Russian authorities.

Helsinki has also begun preparations to close down operations at the Helsinki Centre, an entity run by a city-owned company and located in the Finland House, in the city of Saint Petersburg.