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Helsinki’s year 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic also affected Helsinki in 2021. Besides that, the year had much to offer.

The 2021 annual report of the City of Helsinki describes the city’s year and states, among other things, that there was strong will to ensure good learning for every pupil in Finnish and Swedish basic education, as a personal learning goal was agreed for everyone and assessment discussions were held.

In addition, the annual report states that Helsinki continued the implementation of the rail transport network city in many ways and that active housing construction continued in Helsinki as in previous years.

The first Helsinki Biennial, produced by HAM Helsinki Art Museum, took place on Vallisaari in summer 2021. Helsinki Biennial attracted 148,000 visitors to the archipelago.

As regards health and social services, the reporting period 2021 was the second year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the priorities has been on increasing electronic remote services. Remote treatment, counselling, remote rehabilitation and video appointments were increased.

The annual report also includes a message from the Mayor, the City Manager’s review and key information on the financial statements of the city and Helsinki Group.

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