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Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital to start operations as planned

The City of Helsinki opened a reserve hospital in the premises of Herttoniemi Hospital on Monday, 10 January. Patients infected with coronavirus are treated at the reserve hospital. At the moment, one reserve hospital ward has been opened with beds for 50 patients. If necessary, additional wards will be opened gradually.

The purpose of the reserve hospital is to ensure the adequacy of hospital beds as the epidemic spreads. The reserve hospital arrangement also allows to free hospital beds for other follow-up treatment at Laakso Hospital, where patients infected with coronavirus have been treated so far.

Since the establishment decision, activities have been launched quickly and according to plan. The first patient was admitted to the reserve hospital for follow-up treatment on Monday morning. At the moment, there are 30 patients in the reserve hospital (14.1.2022)

“In the midst of the rapidly deteriorating coronavirus situation that is taking a heavy toll on all our services, this successful outcome is greatly appreciated. I want to thank everyone who has made this possible,” says Seija
, Director of Hospital, Rehabilitation and Care Services, about the establishment and commissioning of the reserve hospital.

Opening the reserve hospital was a joint effort

Personnel of the Social Services and Health Care Division of the City of Helsinki, for example employees from the hospitals and senior centres of Helsinki, and HUS employees work at the reserve hospital. 

Meripaasi sees that cooperation with HUS has worked out well.

“Close and agile cooperation with HUS has played a major role in getting the reserve hospital up and running in this extent,” she says.  

Smooth cooperation has continued after the opening.

“We have got experienced medical personnel from within the social welfare and health care services and also from HUS. Formation of team spirit has got off to a good start. Staff for assisting duties has come from various city divisions, ranging from a parking attendant to a retired construction worker. The entire staff has done an excellent job in starting the operations,” says Päivi Hemming, Administrative Head Nurse of Herttoniemi Reserve Hospital.

“The contribution of each employee is very important in ensuring that every patient receives good care,” she says.

The need for the reserve hospital is assessed continuously and it will remain operational as long as it is needed due to the coronavirus situation.


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Photo: Riina Stén