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Monocle: Helsinki places 4th in Quality of Life Survey

The British lifestyle magazine Monocle has once again ranked the cities of the world in its Quality of Life Survey. This year, Helsinki placed fourth. Copenhagen placed first, while Zürich came second and Lisbon third. Last year, Helsinki was third in the same survey. Helsinki’s best ranking of all time in the Monocle survey is the first position in 2011.

The Monocle survey looks at various factors, such as crime statistics, ambulance arrival times, number of cycling paths and access to nature.

This year, special attention was paid to the post-pandemic shift in work, the increase in costs of living, and people’s desire to breathe easier. Cities also received points for things such as swimming sites and fresh air.

Monocle praises Helsinki as a city that combines functionality with fun. According to the magazine, Helsinki is also one of the safest capitals in the world.

The magazine also mentions free healthcare, the education system and the dynamic startup environment as the city’s benefits. In addition to these, Monocle says that nature and fresh air are always close by in Helsinki, surrounded by the sea.

The full survey will be published in the July-August issue of Monocle. The annual survey has been carried out by Monocle’s editorial staff since 2007.

The City of Helsinki itself has recently published current statistics on Helsinki and its residents. The statistics include data about the environment, population, housing and construction, education, economy, transport, tourism, and administration.

Top 25 for 2022:
1. Copenhagen
2. Zürich
3. Lisbon
4. Helsinki
5. Stockholm
6. Tokyo
7. Vienna
8. Sydney
9. Vancouver
10. Taipei
11. Munich
12. Seoul
13. Berlin
14. Amsterdam
15. Madrid
16. Auckland
17. Paris
18. Barcelona
19. Melbourne
20. Kyoto
21. Milano
22. Fukuoka
23. Oslo
24. Singapore
25. Brisbane

Photo: Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland