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OmaStadi improvement proposals to be polished through the OmaStadi website and theme workshops

The proposals will be revised jointly by local residents and City experts through the OmaStadi website and themed online workshops. The theme workshops will be organised on 12–23 April 2021. Registration for the theme workshops has closed. 194 participants have registered for the workshops. The proposals can be edited on the OmaStadi website until 21st May 2021.

The themes for the proposals to be co-created online are physical education and nature, parks and nature, sense of community, built environment, culture, health and well-being, environmental friendliness, and learning and competence. Some 500 proposals have been submitted by locals for their own areas and the entire Helsinki.

“At this stage, the proposals are already fairly refined. This is motivating to many, since there is a good chance that the proposals will proceed to the vote next autumn. That said, the proposals will still be developed and combined with other similar ones. All those who are interested are welcome to join us in honing the proposals to perfection,” says Development Manager Kirsi Verkka from the Participation and Citizen Information unit.

For support in furthering the improvement proposals, please contact the borough liaison for your area.

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of realising participatory budgeting. The second round of the OmaStadi development efforts began in the autumn of 2020. It provided local residents with the opportunity to present ideas on how the City should spend an appropriation of 8.8 million euros. In total, 1,463 ideas were submitted by the deadline. Based on the OmaStadi criteria, 1,150 ideas were selected for further development. The most popular themes were sports and outdoor recreation, parks and nature, built environment and communality. Early in the year, the ideas were developed into proposals on the OmaStadi website and in local workshops. In the theme workshops to be held in April, City residents will assist in the finalisation of the proposals. The proposals can be edited on the OmaStadi website until 21st May 2021. After this, cost frameworks will be prepared for the proposals. Next autumn will involve selecting the proposals for implementation by means of a vote.

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