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Second summary of 2022 on Helsinki City Strategy progress

The second summary of 2022 on the progress of the Helsinki City Strategy 2021–2025 has been completed. It covers the successes and challenges in the strategy’s priority areas so far. The city strategy entitled A Place of Growth includes 13 priority areas. Strategy progress information is collected from the divisions, the City Executive Office and the municipal enterprises as part of the monitoring of finances and operations.

Successes in the priority areas include:

The most equitable and effective place to learn

  • Leisure activities are now being organised at all Helsinki schools for pupils in grades 3–9.

Ambitious climate objectives and nature conservation

  • The updated Carbon-neutral Helsinki 2030 Action Plan has been approved.

Art and culture as enablers of a good life

  • Participation in physical activity and cultural events has been supported by implementing an extension pilot of the LiiKu support operating model. This summer, a record number of events were organised in Helsinki.

A smoothly functioning and beautiful city

  • The construction sector has overcome the biggest material supply difficulties faced in the first part of the year, and new procurement channels have been discovered.

Intelligent traffic solutions underpin smooth transport

  • The construction of electric car charging points is progressing, and the updated parking policy has been approved.

Improving the health and wellbeing of Helsinki residents

  • The preparations for the health and social services reform have progressed according to plan.

International workers and businesses find Helsinki appealing

  • The employment situation has improved in 2022. The trend of registered overnight stays exceeded the level of 2019. Hotel capacity has also increased.

Data and digitalisation help run a smart city

  • DigiHelsinki Oy was established to provide the city’s in-house basic digital services.

Challenges in the priority areas include:

Helsinki is an attractive employer

  • Several city divisions have difficulties with staff availability, and problems with the payroll system have added to these challenges and the workload of existing personnel.

A smoothly functioning and beautiful city

  • There are uncertainties related to the realisation of the housing production target. The abundance of vacant rental apartments on the market also reduces the demand for investors, which has previously bolstered the construction of new housing.

Improving the health and wellbeing of Helsinki residents

  • The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the poor availability of personnel have made it more difficult to provide services. Ensuring the quality and continuity of social services and health care requires clarification of state funding.

Responsible finances as the basis for sustainable growth

  • Rising inflation and cost levels are challenges for a sustainable economy.

Data and digitalisation help run a smart city

  • Problems with the new payroll processes and system have been significant. Intensified efforts to rectify the situation are ongoing. Operational methods to streamline managerial work must be accelerated.

Four programme groups promote the strategy

During the current council term, the city strategy is being promoted in four cross-administrative programme groups. All the programme groups started their activities in the autumn.

The group for responsible and sustainable economy has dealt with the progress of the productivity measures included in the 2022 budget. The group for ambitious climate objectives has focused on reviewing the objectives and assumptions of the new Carbon-neutral Helsinki Action Plan update. The pleasant city group has discussed the city’s feedback system, maritime Helsinki and the temporary use of premises for cultural activities. The group for preventing segregation has studied the mechanisms associated with urban segregation, as well as the related knowledge base and research. The aim is to produce a summary of the key objectives and the means to support the strategy work.

Programme monitoring and reporting will be further defined as the work of the programme groups led by the Mayor progresses.

Transparent and systematic monitoring

The progress of the Helsinki City Strategy 2021–2025: A Place of Growth will be reported to the City Council halfway through their council term. The implementation of the city strategy is being continuously monitored as part of the annual monitoring of finances and operations. In addition, the implementation of the city strategy is followed in a transparent and public manner on the city’s website (in Finnish). You can explore the city strategy here.