Siirry suoraan sisältöön

Take a dip or go on an island adventure, Baltic Sea Day has something for everyone

Baltic Sea Day will open on Thursday, 25 August at the Huvilanranta waterfront venue in Helsinki, in cooperation with the Helsinki Festival. The programme includes workshops, live music, panel discussions and Baltic Sea-friendly food and drink. Helsinki Mayor Juhana Vartiainen will provide the opening address.

“The Baltic Sea’s presence is a major part of our city’s identity and vitality. In accordance with the City Strategy, Helsinki will continue to boldly develop its maritime environment with improvements to connections, waterfronts, piers and base camps, as well as support for the sector’s entrepreneurs. Helsinki is strongly committed to caring for the Baltic Sea and its shoreline, as well as to reducing maritime emissions,” Vartiainen says.

The Helsinki Mayor’s address will be followed by greetings from the Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail
and Stockholm’s Vice Mayor for Climate and Environment Katarina Luhr, among others, as well as panel discussions. The event will be livestreamed on the city’s online video service Helsinki-kanava.

On Baltic Sea Day, the city will be brimming with all kinds of events in different locations.

Baltic Sea Day was established by the John Nurminen Foundation to honour the sea each year. The objective of the day is to inspire people to enjoy the unique sea and shoreline and take tangible action to protect it. 

Here are a few choice selections from the Baltic Sea Day programme:

  • There will be something going on at the Huvilanranta venue all day. Among other things, the programme will include tastes of local cuisine, activities for children, and concerts. See the entire Baltic Sea Day programme.
  • A Baltic Sea-themed adventure course and tour focusing on wellbeing from maritime nature (Hyvinvointia meriluonnosta) will be held on Harakka Island. Visitors can complete an orienteering course for the entire family from 12 noon to 18.00. The ‘Hyvinvointia meriluonnosta’ (wellbeing from maritime nature) tour 18.00–20.00.
    The event is subject to a fee and is not fully accessible. See details on
    the events and how to access the island by clicking here (in Finnish).
  • You can explore Research Vessel Aranda on the Pakkahuone pier. A tent village will also be erected on the pier for discussions. Open house on the Aranda
  • Participate in a Baltic Sea adventure at the Helsinki Zoo, otherwise known as Korkeasaari. Read more about the adventure here (in Finnish).
  • Embark on an evening orienteering course to study algae, learn to identify seagulls and waterbirds on the beach (bring your own binoculars), make art in nature and learn about the prevention of invasive alien species. Baltic Sea evening orienteering in
  • In addition to the events at Huvilanranta, the Baltic Sea can be celebrated at a number of events, including an outdoor screening of the Truffle Hunters film, accompanied by some beach cleaning. Seashore cinema by the Baltic Sea
  • Take a dip in the sea! The idea is to enjoy the recreational opportunities offered by waterways and to raise awareness of the ecological state of the Baltic Sea. On Baltic Sea Day, participants will be plunging into the water at 18.00 all around Finland and the Baltic Sea. You can take the plunge in any waterway, or just dip your toe in. Post a photo of your plunge using the hashtag #itämeripäivä. More information: The Plunge

For more detailed information on the programme, visit the Baltic Sea Day website. 

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has been published on 24.8. and has been updated on 25.8.