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The City of Helsinki and the police work together to thwart current security threats

The City of Helsinki and the Helsinki Police Department engage in regular cooperation to form an up-to-date situational picture and stave off threats. The cooperation is conducted through a variety of networks and regular meetings. The management of the City and the police department meet every six months. The latest meeting was organised on 28 April. In the meeting, the City and the police agreed to intensify their collaboration to prevent gang activity.

“The City and the police department work together to analyse current phenomena related to the state of security in Helsinki, such as drug trade on the street and gang activity among young people with violent tendencies. Based on the joint situational picture, we are focusing the resources of the City and the police on preventing security threats,” explains Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

The intention is to address phenomena that weaken the sense of security among locals swiftly and with sufficient resources. The City wants to be proactive in thwarting harmful phenomena in order to prevent the escalation and prolongation of the problems.

“The Helsinki Police Department is keeping a close eye on the situation and knows what is going on around town. The police takes the development of possible gang activity very seriously. The police will address violent behaviour through preventive efforts and effective crime investigation methods, as has been done in the context of recent events. We will make sure that the city remains safe,” Chief of Police Lasse Aapio says.

All City divisions come into contact with the Helsinki Police Department in some way in their activities. For example, the police collaborates with the City’s child welfare services, youth services and Helsinki-based schools. In addition to the police, various organisations operating in Helsinki are among the City’s key partners in observing signals related to security and strengthening security throughout the capital city.

Photo: Aki Rahikka/Stooritaivas Oy