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Youth Council elections in Helsinki to start 8 November – main themes highlight issues such as equality and non-discrimination

Voting on the Helsinki Youth Council elections will begin on Monday, 8 November. The total number of eligible voters in Helsinki is over 28,000. New Youth Council members will be elected for a two-year term beginning on 1 January 2022.

In Helsinki, the number of candidates is 74, which is higher than in the previous elections in 2019, indicating that young people are increasingly interested in having their say. The number of eligible voters in Helsinki is 28,538.

Young people have increasingly highlighted equality, non-discrimination and the mental health of young people in their electoral themes. Similar to previous years, other prominent themes include climate change and environmental issues and the importance of a safe and tolerant school environment. Summer job opportunities, public transport and school meals are also recurrent themes in youth council elections.

As usual, young people in Helsinki can vote at schools and youth centres. A new feature is the Helsinki Central Library Oodi’s polling point open in the lobby from 8 to 26 November every day between 16:00 and 19:00.

Youth councils are youth representative bodies prescribed by the Municipal Act. They are politically independent bodies that operate in their respective municipalities representing the interests of local young people.

More detailed information on the elections:

Voting to take place 8–26 November.
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Election results will be announced on 8 December at the RuutiGaala starting from 18:00 and the website from around 21:00. The Gaala will be streamed live on at on 8 December starting at 18:00.